Summer 2021

We are heading into summer and things are opening up. I spent much of the last year performing three times a week on Facebook, with occasional forays into YouTube and, recently, Bandcamp.

The ‘Moody Monday’ sessions on Facebook allow for some deep dives into repertoire of originals, arrangements and improvs. ‘Workshop Wednesday’ on YouTube is an hour-long session with an eclectic range of guitar talk, from gear to guitar history and music theory for the guitarist.

Lockdown made me open my studio to a world-wide audience and get a glimpse into my process. That macro-level reach is gratifying, but it’s dependent on the closed ecosystems of social networks. On Facebook, it’s easy to reach an audience. YouTube, while having a wider reach, is not community-based and not as ‘in the moment’ as Facebook.

Bandcamp is the most artist friendly platform, and I’m performing a ticketed concert on the first Friday of each month. Please follow me there to get the latest on new releases and to be notified about my events on the platform.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing a lot more electric guitar and recently obtained a Paul Reed Smith ‘Hollowbody’ model. With an acoustic guitar style piezo pickup in the saddle, it’s the missing link between my acoustic and electric work. August 12th-14th, I’m conducting an ‘Eclectic Electric Guitar’ workshop at  Sweetwater in Ft Wayne Indiana   with John Jorgenson and Carl Verhayen. That’s a lot of guitaristic firepower and not to be missed.

Please check my concert page for frequent updates as concerts start to rebook.

Photo courtesy Jill Jarrett